Who Are We?

We are a team of International Mission Board missionaries of the Southern Baptist Convention who are serving the Lord in western Hungary.  Along with other IMB missionaries in the capital city of Budapest and in eastern Hungary, we are proclaiming hope and eternal salvation in Jesus Christ, making disciples and facilitating the start of new churches that will reproduce disciples and start new churches.

The Cooperative Program of the Southern Baptist Convention and the IMB’s annual Lottie Moon Christmas Offering provides our financial support.  Moreover, we are dependent upon the prayers of Southern Baptists and others as we learn the language, build relationships, share our faith in Christ and make disciples who will become the nucleus of these new reproducing churches.

We believe that the Lord has called us to join Him in His work in western Hungary. The work is the Lord’s; it would be both arrogant and foolhardy to think that our own presence, gifts, skills and resources are sufficient for the task.  We are simply His co-laborers in the fields: tilling, sowing, watering, weeding and prayerfully anticipating a harvest!  Psalm 127:1 says, “Unless the Lord builds the house, its builders labor in vain.”  Thus, we seek to daily abide in Christ, to walk in the Spirit and be sensitive to His leadership and direction.

Moreover, whenever and wherever possible, we work with Hungarian Baptists and evangelical mission groups like Campus Crusade, The Bible League, Operation Mobilization, and Word of Life, Christian Resource Ministries, and others.  We continually benefit from their resources, like Campus Crusade’s Jesus videos in Hungarian, The Bible League’s paperback Hungarian New Testaments and Operation Mobilization’s gospel tracts of Billy Graham’s Steps to Peace with God in Hungarian.

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