Helpful Hungarian Words

Hello –
Szervusz (ser-boos)
Goodbye/See you later –
Viszontlátásra (vee-sont-laa-taash-rawh)
Yes –
Igen (ee-ghen)
No –
Nem (nehm)
Thank You –
Köszönöm (kuss-o-num)
Sorry/Excuse Me –
Bocsánat (bochaa-not)
I don’t understand. –
Nem értem (nehm air-tehm)
Do you speak English? –
Beszél angolul? (beh-sail on-gow-lool)
I don’t know. –
Nem tudom (nem toodom)
I don’t speak Hungarian. –
Nem beszélek magyarul (nehm beh-sailek mawd-yor-ool)
Where is the toilet? –
Hol van a WC? (hol vawn aw vey tsey?)
What’s your name? –
Te ki vagy? (tah key vaj)
I am Paul –
Paul vagyok. (vag yoke)
Train station –
Vonat állomás (voh-not aal-lomaash)
Bus Station –
Busz állomás (boos aalomaash)
Passport –
Útlevél (oot-leh-vail)
Do not overpack! It is likely that most of your travel will be on public transportation, you Must be able to carry all of your own luggage, so seek to travel as lightly as possible. Moreover, storage space for luggage is practically non-existent on buses; if you happen to ride in a car - they are very small by American standards.  For train travel, your bags should fit in a small overhead tray - so keep your bags a reasonable size!

The summers are hot and the winters are cold in Hungary. If coming in the summer, bring loose cool clothing such as modest T-shirts, shorts, and jeans. Air conditioning is almost nonexistent so dress accordingly. Also bring a bathing suit and a pair of sandals for the pool because there are many spas in Hungary to enjoy. Again let modesty be your guide. Bring a pair of good tennis shoes or other comfortable walking shoes for lots of walking.

If coming in the winter, we recommend that you bring sweaters, a heavy coat, scarf, gloves, long underwear, and boots. Many public places of interest like older churches and museums are not heated.

If you bring anything that needs electricity you will need to buy some kind of adapter. We strongly recommend that you get them there before coming since they are difficult to find here. Some items will run on either 110 or 220 volts. Check the voltage rating of your device. If it is a dual voltage device then you will only need a plug adapter. Hair dryers, curling irons, battery chargers, etc., all will need adapters both for the 220 voltages and the shape of the plug for European outlets that use two round prongs. These items are generally available at a good travel store.

Don’t forget to bring your passport and a couple hundred dollars in cash.  You should make photocopies of your passport and credit cards with emergency reporting numbers in case of theft.  Moreover, we recommend that you bring along a couple extra passport photos in case you need to replace a stolen passport.  Please be mindful of your personal possessions, especially in crowds of people, in market places, on public transportation and at tourist venues!  Pickpockets love to prey upon the unsuspecting!

In Country Travel
In Hungary, you can travel virtually anywhere via public transportation!  Budapest has streetcars, subways, buses and trains that provide transport within the city and to outlying communities.  A single ticket can be obtained per leg of the trip at Metro subway station ticket counters or most local news stands; tickets must be validated/stamped whenever you enter a bus, trolley or the Metro.  If you make transfers on the subway, between buses and streetcars, you must validate another ticket for the new leg of your journey.  The purchase of a one or three day public transportation pass might be more advantageous for sightseeing in Budapest; they are validated at time of purchase and do not require any further validations.  They are good for all forms of public transportation with in the Budapest city limits.  Please cooperate with public transportation ticket inspectors!  Failure to validate new tickets for each leg of your journey could result in a $30 per person fine when an inspector confronts you!  For more information on Budapest public transportation, visit
Local bus transportation in the cities like Györ or Sopron is also 180 forint for each trip.

Taxis can also be used; usually taxis can be found at designated stands or waiting on streets.  Taxis are more expensive than public transportation and drivers should be tipped.  In Budapest, some taxi companies have gained a reputation for being unscrupulous by overcharging or taking the longer route; thus, in Budapest, it would be wise to have someone order a taxi by phone from a trusted, reputable company.

Airport shuttle vans are to transfer you to and from train stations, hotels, and personal residences within the city of Budapest.  Cost for a one-way shuttle is 2100 HUF; a round-trip ticket can be purchased for 3600 HUF.  Drivers should be tipped at least 100 HUF per bag handled.  For shuttle service to the airport for departing flights, you need to make a reservation at least 24 hours in advance of your departure time.  For more information about airport shuttle services, arrivals and departures at Ferihegy International Airport, please visit

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