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Checked 6/2010

Magyar - The People
Hungary is basically a homogeneous country with several minority groups. 9/10 of the population is ethnically Hungarian. The minority groups include Roma, the largest minority,
Germans, Slovaks, Croats, and Serbs.

2/3 of population is urban, but the majority of towns have a population of less than 40,000 people. 1/3 of the population lives in the greater Budapest area.
More than 10 million;
3 million in Western Hungary
Age ratio:
0-14 years old - 8%
15-59 years old - 63%
60 years old and up - 20%
Gender ratio:
Males - 48%
Females - 52%
Unemployment: 7%

Life Expectancy:
Men - 65 years
Women - 74 years
Literacy rate:
98% Literate
University Degrees: 10% have degrees
mostly in engineering and economics

Suicide Rate:
Ranked among the top percentages in Europe

6% of population is alcoholic; but about
40-50% of men drink problematically

68% Roman Catholic, 21% Reformed
Protestant, 6% Evangelical Protestant

Church Attendance:
With the exceptions of Christmas and Easter churches are seldom full.
Hungary has an area of 35,919 sq. miles. 2/3 of the land is farmed and 1/6 is used for non-agricultural purposes.
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