Our goal is that your trip is smooth and your ministry is effective!  Therefore, we ask that you maintain regular, ongoing communication with the IMB team member who is coordinating your project.  Please feel free to ask questions and request clarification at any time.  A problem can usually be resolved by a quick email!  We will do our best to respond promptly.  It is our desire to build a strong partnership with you, which can only be established by clear, regular communication.  We want to avoid surprises that can jostle the best-laid plans and dampen a good experience.  If something is unclear, please let us know!

Travel Documents
Every team member needs a current US passport!  US citizens can stay in Hungary up to 90 days without a visa.  No special inoculations or vaccinations are required to travel to Hungary.  However, we strongly recommend that you check US State Department advisories well before the team’s departure date; they will provide you with current information regarding travel conditions, restrictions and any health warnings.  You can check the website  At the bottom of the page you will see a link “Special information for American tourists”.

Project Types
Our team has a variety of outreach projects; regardless of your talents, abilities, gifts or background, we believe God can use you to help us share Christ with the Hungarian people.  Moreover, we look for people whom God has gifted to work in many different types of ministries.  If certain individuals on your team possess special skills or talents, please communicate that with us!  These just might open new doors and networks that we had not previously anticipated!

An area of concern:  Our projects are primarily people-driven, relationship focused.  Our goal is to enable believers to initiate and develop relationships with the people for the purpose of telling people about Jesus Christ.  We do not fund programs or building projects, nor do we encourage them.  We intentionally avoid any endeavor that Hungarian believers and local churches cannot reproduce themselves.  If nationals believe that American dollars, church buildings and programs are essential to effective church growth, it will stifle their incentive to find creative, indigenous means of reaching people for Christ and starting groups that could become churches!  Even an innocent financial gift or promise can create a dependency that gradually chokes a passionate vision to make Christ known and start new congregations via reliance upon the power of God’s Word and the Holy Spirit!

Please note the following:

  • When you see a physical need, please avoid the automatic response of suggesting a program to nationals to deal with it!
  • Don’t pass out money!  This can be offensive to a Hungarian!
  • Don’t make promises!  Please do not promise to send things from the US or to bring someone to the US to visit.  They take you seriously and then are disappointed when it does not happen!  If you want to send someone something after you go home, get their address then surprise them, but don’t promise.
  • Don’t offer to fund or subsidize a person’s salary, church program or building project!
  • Don’t emphasize American-based programs or church buildings!  Even an unintentional comment can create a feeling of inadequacy, especially if the finances are not possible.  It discourages!
  • Don’t critique a group of believers or a church planter on their meeting location, how they conduct meetings, etc.!  There are factors that may not be visible on the surface, which you and your team may not realize or appreciate at the time.  One missionary put it this way: “If it is uncomfortable for us, the nationals might be quite happy with it.  If we are comfortable with something, they might not be.”
  • Before proposing a solution to a “problem” you see, please ask us: “Why do they do this that way?”  There is probably a good reason for why they have made this choice.  Discuss ideas, suggestions and questions with the IMB team member first!  He/she knows the culture, the present situation, and background.

Please emphasize these principles with all team members.  Emphasize them at every team meeting!

We feel it is much more effective for you to be prayer warriors who boldly bring the needs of Hungary before the Father’s throne of mercy and grace!  Moreover, we encourage your team and church to be generous in your Cooperative Program and Lottie Moon Christmas Offering gifts, which will be used in strategic ways all around the world for the advancement of the Lord’s kingdom!

The safety of you and your team is of vital importance to us.  Hungary is actually a pretty safe place to be!  However, we do strongly advise that team members exercise discretion and caution with money and possessions!  Pickpockets are clever and tourists are easy targets, especially in Budapest among tourist venues, market places and public transportation.  We recommend that the team utilize a buddy system that allows team members to watch out for each other when walking about or traveling.  Although the country reflects western culture, it would be wise for team members to remember that they are guests here and to maintain a polite, respectful low-profile when traveling, shopping and dining out.  Please consult the US Consulate in Hungary for tourist advisories before traveling to Hungary!  (You can check the website; at the bottom of the page you will see a link “Special information for American tourists”.)

Hungary is a hidden jewel that must be seen and enjoyed!  We want you to return home with a deep love and appreciation for Hungary and the people!  Even though tourism is not the reason you come, we do want you to see some of Hungary while you are here!  During the project, you will encounter places with a history dating back centuries before the United States came into existence!  Since tourist activities can easily distract the team from their purpose for being here, we recommend that your team plan an extra day or two after the conclusion of the project for sightseeing and shopping.  This is an excellent way to celebrate the project’s conclusion!  Then, team members can collect those special gifts for family, friends and the church before boarding the plane for home!
Contact Information
Paul & Tena Brock
Strategy Coordinator
Nagykanizsa, Hungary
Phone: 36-93-789-188
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