Volunteer Project
Team Leader Guide
Thank you so much for your commitment to serve Christ with us in western Hungary!  The investment of your time and spiritual gifts communicate God’s love to the Hungarians.  This small publication has been designed to make your preparations and ministry as a volunteer in Hungary meaningful, rewarding and effective.

This section has been prepared for the leader of the volunteer team; the
volunteer projects guide was written to assist team members in their personal preparation for the project.  Please read through this information and utilize it in equipping your team for effective ministry during the project.

Our prayer and hope is that the Lord will use your team to open doors to new relationships, build relationships within the community and establish trust and credibility while actively being Christ’s ambassadors for the expansion of God’s kingdom!  The long-term goal of every project is the establishment of evangelistic Bible study groups that will result in communities of believers, new churches!  We believe the Lord will use the unique gifts, talents and background of your team for His glory!

Team Leader
You are the key coordinator for the volunteer team that you will be leading.  Frequently, you will be communicating directly with the IMB team member who authored the request; this individual will provide you with specific project objectives and details, itinerary, anticipated expenditures, logistics and orientation information.

What is required of a team leader?

  • Good communication and listening skills
  • Patience, understanding and sensitivity in cross-cultural situations
  • Serves as, or appoints someone else as, the team’s treasurer during the project
  • Organizational and relational leadership skills
  • Problem solver and troubleshooter
  • A mature faith and good sense of humor
  • Commitment to pray for God’s leadership of the team

Team Requirements: Volunteer Training
We require all volunteers to receive training through a volunteer training program prior to coming to Hungary.  You can obtain training materials specifically designed to prepare you and your team for an international mission project through - going.imb.org or LifeWay. Please lead your team through this study!
Impact Your World
Basic Training for Mission Teams - DVD/CD Pack
Impact Your World
Basic Training for Mission Teams member workbook

Everyone also has to go through a background check prior to coming on an IMB project.

Project Costs
The volunteer team is responsible for all expenses related to the project.  Project costs include, but may not be limited to, the following items:

  • Transportation to, from and during the project: train tickets, hiring a van, highway toll stickers, gasoline purchases, public transportation tickets/passes, airport shuttle vans, use of mission vehicles, etc.
  • All meals and lodging
  • Translators – honorarium for specific number of days including meals and lodging
  • Advertising/promotion of project via printed posters, fliers, newspaper/radio/cable ads, etc.
  • Rental fees for use of community center, theater, pavilion, booth, sports field, etc.
  • Purchase of Bibles, tracts, videos, CD’s and cassettes for team distribution
  • Team celebration dinner
  • Covering IMB missionary’s project related meals and travel expenditures
The Western Hungary Team
We are a small group of Southern Baptists who are pursuing the proclamation of the Gospel to the almost four million people that reside west of Budapest and the Danube River.  Although, historically Baptists have been in Hungary for more than 150 years, there are only 12,000 Baptists in over 300 congregations throughout the country.

Pursuing God’s Plan for Hungary
Most Hungarians believe they are already Christians since the country has a strong Catholic heritage that was established by their first king, Stephen, in 1000 a.d.  The prominence of Catholic cathedrals, monuments, Reformed and Lutheran churches and observance of Christian holidays do give the country a certain religious atmosphere.  However, appearances can be deceptive.  One vital aspect is missing: the majority of Hungarians do not have a personal relationship with God; they have never experienced the forgiveness of sin, the hope of eternal life and the joy of knowing God through His Son, Jesus Christ!

We serve an awesome God, who desires that all men come to know Him through saving faith in Jesus Christ!  We have the privilege to be among those who share this responsibility to share Christ among the people living in western Hungary.  To keep us intentionally focused, our team has developed a strategy plan that we believe is consistent with the pattern found in the New Testament for prayer, evangelism, making disciples and the establishment of new churches.  One way that we seek to accomplish these objectives is through ministry projects involving volunteer teams that enable us to reach out in communities, develop relationships, share Christ and initiate Bible study groups.

Most of our projects are planned and written at least nine to twelve months in advance.  This enables us to post the requests with the International Mission Board, SBC for churches and individuals to respond, gather information, and make travel plans and preparations for the project.  Thus, details can only be finalized when we learn that a team has committed to a specific project.

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