What is a Team Strategy Leader?

That’s a great question! The term itself conjures up pictures of a football coach who calls plays for the offense or defense or of a marketing director in a commercial firm or of a logistical advisor studying a map for a war campaign. In the International Mission Board’s booklet, Church Planting Movements, David Garrison gives the essential definition of a team strategy leader (TSL). Garrison says that this is a missionary who takes responsibility for developing a comprehensive plan aimed at initiating and nurturing a Church Planting Movement among an unreached people group or population segment.

This means that my focus is to pursue a strategy for facilitating and encouraging a church planting movement among the Hungarians of western Hungary. Our team’s strategy involves:

  • Unceasing, intentional intercessory prayer for western Hungary: not only are we to plead for the Hungarians at the Father’s throne, but also we enlist and inform others of the spiritual needs of the Hungarian people.
  • Frequent, intentional witnessing: we tell people about Jesus and distribute Bibles, Christian music CDs, gospel tracts and the Jesus film; invite them to join us in home Bible study groups or share our hope in Christ through meeting needs, like English conversation classes.
  • Making disciples who make disciples: we teach and enable new believers to walk in Christ, to share their faith and to make disciples themselves.
  • Planting churches that will start multiple churches: we seek to start churches that will impact families, neighbors, businesses and entire communities by starting numerous new churches that will start new multiplying churches.

Without God’s touch and the work of the Holy Spirit a church planting movement will not happen. We are Christ’s servants and co-laborers, who are utterly dependent upon Him for everything we need and do. The plan to redeem a fallen world is God’s; the work is His, He will bring it to completion. Our task is to obediently proclaim Christ and make disciples among the people of western Hungary.

So, what do I do? Here is a descriptive, but not exhaustive list.

  • I spend time daily with the Lord in prayer and personal Bible study.
  • I, along with our IMB team develop a Master Plan with objectives, goals and action plans for prayer, evangelism and discipleship that we pray will facilitate a church planting movement in western Hungary.
  • Like our team members, we are actively involved in making new friends for Christ, personal evangelism, house groups, making disciples and equipping leaders.
  • The team leaders and I research the demographics and population segments of the people and communities in western Hungary that feeds back into our strategy.
  • I serve as the webservant for the Western Hungary Team web site: www.hope4hungary.com.
  • I answer inquiries from Southern Baptist churches and individuals on opportunities to serve with the team in Hungary or with the IMB.
  • Tena, my wife and I teach ESL classes with a number of individuals through Bible materials as a means of leading them to have a personal relationship with Christ.
  • I supervise team members, arrange our team meeting and praying together, provide training, direction and encouragement, trouble shooting, assisting with the work, and handling IMB administrative tasks for the team.

We consider it an honor to serve the Lord and to represent Southern Baptists in Western Hungary! Thank you for making it possible for us to live and serve here as ambassadors for Christ through your prayers and generous support of the Cooperative Program and the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering!


Paul Brock

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