Project Expectations
Hungary: A Field to Cultivate and Sow the Gospel Seed

You are coming to a field requiring boulder and rock clearing, massive soil tilling and weed pulling. This is a country in need of intentional, massive scattering of the Gospel seed; Hungary is not experiencing a harvest season that countries like Romania and the Ukraine are enjoying.  Thus, the primary objectives of our volunteer projects are prayer, seed sowing, relationship building, and initiating home Bible study groups that we pray would become healthy, growing, reproducing churches.

In order to transform their pasture into suitable fields for farming, Ron’s grandfather, Walter Padgett, not only dug up the boulders that dotted the landscape of their Oklahoma homestead, but he broke those boulders apart with a sledge hammer so that he could haul away the manageable chunks with a horse cart. If the boulders had remained, the family would never have been able to broadly plow and cultivate their fields for farming. Grandpa’s efforts were time-consuming and took a toll on his physical body. But his labors enabled the Padgett family to have fields and gardens that yielded an abundant produce at harvest time for years to come.

Hungary’s spiritual state is similar to that early Oklahoma homestead. The land is filled with rocks and boulders of historical disappointments, unmet expectations, and religious traditions. The ground itself has unyielding tree stumps with deep roots and unseen weed seeds that effectively drain the ground of moisture, producing thorns and vines that choke off vegetable or fruit bearing plants; the roots of these weeds have a deep grip in the soil, signaling apathy, depression, distrust and collective bitterness and resentments.

What should you and your team know and expect?

• Hungary is a neglected field that requires clearing, soil cultivation and abundant seed sowing before a harvest can be anticipated.
• Prayer will be the most critical aspect of each project.
Don’t assume that Hungarians know anything about the Gospel. Although the country is filled with grand, historic cathedrals and Christian symbols, the people do not know God – they have the images of religion, but not a personal, saving relationship with God.

• When sharing your faith, talk about:
> The righteousness and holiness of God
> Man’s insulting contempt and rebellion against a perfect, righteous God
The wrathful judgment all men justly deserve
What God did for man through Jesus Christ
Christ the perfect, atoning sacrifice
Justification by faith alone
Desiring Christ as man’s greatest treasure

• Build relationships with the Hungarians

• Establish a relationship linkage to your IMB missionaries who can continue to share the Gospel, make disciples and involve them in a house group

• Pray, diligently and faithfully pray for the Hungarians to know and love Christ with all their heart, mind and soul. Pray that they will be disciples who make disciples.

We thank the Lord that He is leading you to serve with us here in Hungary through a volunteer project! Our prayer is that the Lord will be glorified through this project, the Gospel clearly shared and understood, and that many will come to faith in Christ resulting in healthy, growing, reproducing churches filled with disciples who make disciples! Even if that may not be seen at present, we will faithfully commit our labors to Him. 

I Corinthians 3:5-9

Eager to serve with you,

Your IMB Western Hungary People Group Team

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