Fall 2016
From the city of Nagykanizsa (Nodge-ka-knee-zsa):

Please pray for the local church to grow. With people leaving the country to find employment and students headed off to the university, the church has changed. Pray that God will bring an increase.

Please continue to pray for the Baby English class that will begin on Tuesday eveings. Please pray that the children will experience the love of Christ through the lessons.

Pray for our students who are taking English lessons through Bible based lessons. Please pray that God will continue to reveal Himself to them and that they will come to begin a personal relationship with Him.

 Thank you for boldly interceding at the Father’s throne of mercy and grace for the Hungarians of Western Hungary and the IMB Western Hungary team.

for the most current prayer list: ask for our newsletter at: ptbrockinhungary@yahoo.com

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