Why are we here?
Jesus said: “Go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.”  Matthew 28:19-20 NIV

As a team, we prayerfully considered our biblical mandate from the Scriptures and we have adopted a team mission statement:

Giving God all the Glory through dynamic evangelism, challenging discipleship & rapid church multiplication … fulfilling His purpose through His people.

Okay, how?  
Good question.  In God’s Word, we see a repeated emphasis on modeling, teaching and enabling others.  Jesus lived out His life before the disciples with instructions and actions and sent them out to do the same; the Apostle Paul invested a great deal of his time in teaching and establishing leaders wherever he journeyed.  From a missiological perspective, this is an absolute imperative for us, too!  Our job is to make disciples who can make disciples!  If our approach is not biblically based, if it is too American, or too complicated for Hungarians to imitate, then there will be no reproducibility and no further growth.  Thus, we pursue every objective and task with the intention of modeling and involving Hungarian believers so that they can learn and take ownership of the endeavor.

Three Main Objectives: 
In our strategy, we are pursuing prayer, evangelism and discipleship objectives that we believe will enable us to facilitate multiplying church planting efforts in western Hungary.

1. Prayer

God is at work in Hungary; He has been moving among the Hungarians for centuries.  The Lord is intimately acquainted with the people, the culture and their history.  His heart for them is greater than ours; He desires that not a single Hungarian perish, but that they should have eternal life through His Son, Jesus Christ.  Although Christianity as an institution has been the official “religion” of the country for over a thousand years, very few Hungarians have a personal relationship through faith in Christ.

God answers prayer!  Thus, we are asking the Lord to soften hearts toward the liberating truths of the Gospel, to bring a realization of His holiness and righteousness among the people, to convict individuals of their sins and to draw people in faith and repentance to follow Jesus Christ in obedience!

As we live and serve among three million people in western Hungary, we see that there is so much to be done: hard, dry ground needs plowing, seeds of the Gospel abundantly planted, the soil watered, weeds pulled, the soil cultivated and the harvest eagerly anticipated!  To impact this land and culture, more laborers are needed so we pray that the Lord would send more workers into the fields of Hungary!

2. Evangelism

Hungary has received just enough of the Gospel to inoculate them from it!  Traditional church institutions and a national Christian heritage have created a perception among most people that they are already Christians, even though a personal relationship with God through faith in Christ Jesus is non-existent.  Post-modernism among the younger generation causes them to question absolute truth and Jesus’ claim that He is the only way to the Father.

Moreover, Hungarians are a processing people, who greatly value philosophical and intellectual pursuits.  Simple, pat answers or solutions do not satisfy.  Traditional American/Western approaches of evangelism (street preaching, yes-no Gospel presentations and evangelistic meetings) have little appeal and are considered patronizing.

The most effective way to share the Gospel with a Hungarian is through personal relationships and involvement in small group Bible studies in homes where they can study and discuss the Gospel accounts of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John in a comfortable, non-threatening environment. It is here that relational discipleship begins and the house church is modeled for them.  As Hungarians process the Gospel, the teachings of the Bible and the relationships developed in these small groups, the Holy Spirit works in their hearts while they determine whether or not to repent of their sins and to give their lives to Christ.

3.    Discipleship

In this context of small group relationships, discipleship becomes a natural process.  Small group leaders intentionally invest time with seekers and new believers, teaching biblical models of church and obedience to Christ as Paul outlined in his letters to the Ephesians and Colossians.  New believers are taught how to spend time alone with God, how to do inductive, personal Bible study, how to tell others about Jesus, how to lead a small group Bible study, and how to make disciples of others.  As these disciples become leaders, the small group can become a church with a vision to make disciples and start new groups that should continue to multiply until every man, woman and child in western Hungary has had an opportunity to hear and respond to God’s gift of eternal life in Christ Jesus.

This is the task that the Lord has given to us!  It is our prayer that we will be both faithful and fruitful as we serve Him in western Hungary!

MAWL - stands for Model, Assist, Watch, Leave
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