"Good Job" my good
and faithful servant!

What would a good job look like? How will we know that we accomplished anything? 

Good question. Unlike manual labor tasks – filing documents, weeding a garden, shoveling snow or painting a house, washing windows – spiritual work does not possess the same kind of measurements. How does one quantify the effectiveness of time spent in prayer? Labors in God’s kingdom cannot be measured in the same manner, as we would evaluate the success of our tangible, more visible efforts.

Since Hungary is primarily a field requiring clearance of brush and rocks and weed pulling along with massive amounts of soil cultivation, tilling and seed sowing, we need to consider some of the essential tasks that need to be accomplished in these projects.

Let’s consider four key things that need to happen:

  1. Prayer: Did prayer predominate the project? Did we call out to the Lord prior to the event?  Did we invest time daily in prayer with God alone?  Was time set aside as a team for intercessory prayer? How were the prayer walks? In what ways did God answer our prayers?
  2. Relationship Bridges: Did this project result in new relationship contacts or networks among the people for the IMB missionaries? Was the missionaries’ presence and credibility strengthened in the community? And was there linkage between the project and the IMB missionary so that the residents/participants could identify with him/her, especially for follow-up discussions about the Gospel, participation in a home Bible study group and/or discipleship?
  3. Scripture Distribution: Was the team able to freely distribute New Testaments or Bibles among the people? How many received a Bible or a New Testament from your team?
  4. Gospel: Was the Gospel clearly presented to the people during the project? How many heard the Gospel? Were there opportunities for personal interaction or discussion with individuals about Gospel truths?

If any of these four objectives were accomplished, the project was a success since God opened the doors and caused things to happen. And if all four of these were fulfilled, then the Lord richly blessed all of us.

Serving with you for the glory of God,

Your IMB Western Hungary Team

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